5 Yr Old Girl Raped & Peed On by 3 Muslims

Could this be the start of the eminent revolution in the United States? The US has been on the brink of revolution for some time now. I’m not all that certain America will put up with this kind of shit like they have in Europe.

I fear for these refugees for the fact that nearly every house-hold in the USA is armed, and many citizens carry on their person. Most Americans are quite possessive of their freedom, and while tolerant will unlikely stand for the raping of their women and children, let alone their country.

Mohammad was welcomed graciously into Medina as a refugee. He repaid them with butchery and slaughter for citizens whom refused to convert to Islam, showing the warlord that he truly was. In other words, he declared war on Medina, and sought to take control of it entirely.

Doubtful Americans will make the same mistake as the citizens of Medina. Europe may fall prey for this crap, but America? Time will tell. It’s going to get bloody folks; I can feel it.

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