Anita Sarkeesian: Chokes on Her own Obelisk

Third-way feminism is a great deception. Like unholy priestesses worshiping on false rhetoric, they kneel before a massive obelisk of mischaracterization, misrepresentation and a totem of lies, spitting their corruption in the faces of truly oppressed women across the globe.

Today it appears that one of the movements greatest mouthpieces, Anita Sarkeesian, is choking back on the defensive. Writing an article for the feminist publication The Mary Sue, Sarkeesian  spews:

In response to our new project [Feminist Movement: Ordinary Women], a very vocal, known harasser who has spent years attacking feminism and individual feminists on YouTube, has launched a counter-fundraising campaign specifically designed to both discredit me and mobilize his viewers to abuse me further on social media. [insert mine]

The self absorbed, hypocritical, Sarkeesian, ever the social victim, is referring to the Thomas Kirk’s Fundraiser, Extraordinary People: Daring to actually help women. Kirk’s campaign supports the International Women’s Health Coalition, by providing financial support which aims to further sexual education, reproductive rights, and educational opportunities to women and girls in places like Africa, India, The Middle East and Asia.

Mr. Kirks fundraiser embraces the fundamental paradigms women’s rights are established upon, yet Anita Sarkeesian, of whom many consider one of todays feminist champions, views Thomas Kirk’s campaign as an “attack” on her character.

I assure you, as anyone whom exhorts false doctrine, such as the dogma of third-way feminism, Sarkeesian doesn’t need Thomas Kirk’s help in discrediting her character; she does well enough on her own. By reneging on promises, and by failing the very people she claims to support, she only exemplifies the intellectually dishonest, fraud she actually is.

Below are two short videos you should really consider viewing: “Lauran Southern: Why I am Not a Feminist”, and “How Anita Sarkeesian Ruined the Feminist Movement”. Both will widen your perspective of the third-wave feminist movement as a whole, and how greed and profit when used professionally can influence society.


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