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Stickers For Yourself & Anonymity


Anonymity on is a growing social network channel that needs your help to continue to grow and reach more and more people. Anonymity is reaching it’s one year since launch anniversary and is making a big push towards evolving into a bigger, more active network. You can help Anonymity achieve our goal of brightening and enlightening the masses. We are hitting the streets with a little game called Land Minds ¬†and there is one last step…

We are purchasing 250 4″x4″ stickers to distribute to the general public. For 250 stickers it costs $250, so if we can raise the funds we will send two stickers to everybody who invests 10$. All Postage Included.

If This Campaign Is Successful We Will Launch A Full Campaign For Land Minds! Arming Everyone With Stickers To Get Involved!

The Stickers Are Shown Below And Will Effectively Reach A New And Candid Audience.
Sticker Size: 4in x 4in.

Stickers for a $10 Donation


Receive a T-Shirt for $50 or more Donation

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