Anonymous – American Revolution: YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Thank you Anonymous for helping me. For helping the knowing American citizens by supporting what they have been trying to tell the blind for what seems to be ages. President Kennedy had it right, just like he said in the video. He was also standing up to the Federal Reserve bank with executive order number 11110 before the globalists had him killed. Kennedy was the only anonymous president I know of. The major part of this countries government has been puppetized by the global elite, and used as a military arm to the ends of their one world government NWO agenda. They have been sucked in, and are now beyond redemption. No force of government is able to so much as slow it down, (as shown by Kennedy’s demise); only the anonymous masses. This is not just about America, but affects the entirety of the globes people. If the globalists achieve in taking down America, they will use Americas might to bring the rest of the world first into chaos, (which is already taking place: Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria…etc), and then into order. No matter what people believe this utopian NWO will give them, make no mistake, it will bring them nothing but pain and suffering such has never been seen before. I pray that this message reaches the blind, because we are all in the beginning of the end-game NOW!



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