Anonymous Official — Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

As always, I give you the latest Anonymous Official video statements as they come to me. This one is a powerful documentary-like litany of Hillary Clinton’s criminal acts stretching back decades. Clinton, along with her accused rapist, former president Bill Clinton are perhaps the dirtiest beings to ever set foot on American soil. Poisoned souls, sucking the life from whomever they can.

Here’s the video, it contains many facts to some of Hillary’s criminal acts; that we know of:

  • Travelgate
  • Vince Fosters mysterious death
  • Hillary Care
  • Whitewater
  • Missing records
  • Mysterious deaths (murders?)
  • Cattlegate
  • Filegate
  • IRS abuses
  • Pardongate
  • Senate candidate Hillary Clinton campaign finance investigation; numerous frauds
  • Senate rules violations
  • 2008 presidential campaign abuses
  • Secretary of State Clinton’s failures and atrocities
  • State Dept. scandals and cover-ups
  • Benghazi cover-up
  • Emailgate
  • Sickening Clinton Secrets
  • Clinton Foundation syphon
  • -First Lady scandals

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