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This is the latest video posted from Anonymous Official: OpHarambe.

This Op came as a result of a 4-year old boy, whom while visiting the Cincinnati Zoo, decided to jump over a protective barrier and into a mote housing a Silverback Gorilla named Haramble. His mother was seemingly preoccupied, and not watching her son as he decided to take the leap.  The Gorilla was subsequently shot for fear of the boys safety.

Witness Kim O’Connor said, she heard the boy say he wanted to get in the water with the gorillas. She said the boy’s mother was with several other young children. The mother’s like, ‘No, you’re not. No, you’re not’, O’Connor said. (source)

The Mirror has an excellent report on the issue, including witness video footage contradicting the overwhelming mainstream media reports that the boy ‘fell into a mote’.

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