March 8 2016: Asteroid, Solar Eclipse, Supermoon

March 8th should be pretty cool for people whom appreciate earth-space anomalies. On this particular day, some observers will see an eclipse of the sun with a supermoon, and an the asteroid TX 68 pass pass fairly close to the earth.

In case you don’t know what a supermoon is: it’s when the moon is in a new or full stage, near or at its closest point to the earth (apogee) on any month. This particular supermoon will be in its new phase.

The solar eclipse will be a total eclipse for a small narrow path over the pacific ocean. The path of totality starts at sunrise in the Indian Ocean to the west of Indonesia, and then goes eastward across the Indian and Pacific Oceans until it ends to the west of North America at sunset.

The asteroid has been a bit of a confusion since it was first seen. BPEarthwatch has been tracking it closely for some time now. In the video (4:43) below, he will lay out some facts and criticisms for you.

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