Digital Privacy in America Nearing an End

If you read the previous post, “Apple, The FBI, and the Abuse of Power”, you saw I mentioned how the entire debacle over the FBI’s strong-arm tactics to coerce Apple into helping them crack Syed Farook’s iPhone, was simply the first step in forcing technology manufacturers to procure the government with back-doors to all encrypted devices they produce; virtually eliminating encryption privacy for all US citizens toward their government. Today Ron Paul, as well as some others, elude with similarity:

Former congressman Ron Paul said if Apple helps the FBI, it will be a “precedent-setting case” and the technology will be used again with a lower threshold: “We have a fundamental right to go about our daily life without the threat of government surveillance of our activities. We are not East Germany.”

Apple won a significant victory on Monday when a New York judge ruled the US Justice Department did not have the authority to force Apple to unlock an iPhone involved in a Brooklyn drug case. (source)

Knowing how the US government is shifting closer and closer toward total state control over Americans, undoubtedly this is nowhere near the end of this issue.


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