Documentary: Edward Snowden; in Brief

Edward Snowden is by no means the NSA’s low-level lackey he was portrayed as in 2013 when he unloaded many NSA secrets, and escaped from the USA. Rather he was a high-level system analyst, for whom one of Snowden’s NSA co-workers described as “a genius among geniuses”, in an organization holding an abundance of smart people.

Edward’s position in the NSA was to discover new methods of breaking into the global telephone and Internet traffic, and as time went on, Snowden went from overseeing these systems, to actually coordinating and directing them.

This documentary briefly covers NSA analyst turned whistle-blower Edward Snowden, an American hero, and his escape from American authorities to Hong Kong and later to Russia, after leaking classified information about global surveillance programs used by the American government to spy on people around the world and other nations activities. The video also presents the journalists who had an exclusive access to Snowden as well as the members of WikiLeaks, whom helped him in moments of his escape.

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