Snowden Tutorial: Encrypt Your E-mail

As an American citizen, it galls me to no end that our liberties are diminishing on a daily basis. Take for instance the fascist concept of our government forcing Apple to make a software which will open a backdoor to any iPhone. How about the fact that the NSA uses PRISM, a clandestine software used to surveil US citizens via their internet connections. Or worse yet, how the FBI just recently changed its privacy rules regarding how freely agents can gain access to and search data collected by the NSA involving the communications of Americans (PRISM). The FBI does this right in the midst of it’s battle with Apple. Make no mistake folks, this is only the beginning of bad things to come.

Before I digress to far, e-mail encryption. If there is anyplace to start battling our governments spying and stand up for your liberty of privacy, then encrypting your e-mail is as good as any.

If you don’t feel that you have anything to hide, then it will protect the privacy of your recipients. It also makes things quite different for systems like PRISM, to bulk-collect data. If you are a reporter or whistle-blower, then encryption is a must; or to your own demise. One other thing to note is regular folks like you and I are now starting to be labeled as domestic terrorists; simply because you are christian, or hold some dissenting beliefs; see here, (its a video, because the SPL Center took the PDF down. Please watch this video, you will be shocked).

I have to admit e-mail encryption takes a bit of getting used to, and involves a small learning curve. However in the end, it will be well worth your while. The entire process will take less than 10 minutes.

The e-mail client I use and advise is Mozilla Thunderbird. If you are not familiar with Thunderbird, feel free to read the features page to get better acquainted; it’s the best client I’ve ever used. The encryption software to use is GP4Win; it’s unbreakable as far as I know. If you are somewhat familiar with these softwares things will go a bit smoother.

Now for a video by the patriot Edward Snowden, former NSA whistle-blower which will take you step-by-step from beginning to end of the short process from installation to composing encrypted email. By the time you are finished, you’ll be a pro. I really wish I had this tutorial the first time I set up my e-mail encryption. I consider it a joy to be taught anything by this man.



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