Obama Takes the Stage: Encryption Backdoors-Fascism

President of the United States takes the stage in Austen Texas, taking part in a Southwest Interactive discussion. Obama clearly shows his wishes for American fascism by claiming he believes the government should control how technology manufacturers need to provide the government with software that opens forced built-in backdoors to their devices. He will even go so far as to say the government needs this to police American people in order to keep track of their money.

“The question we now have to ask is: If technologically it is possible to make an impenetrable device or system where the encryption is so strong that there is no key, there’s no door at all, then how do we apprehend the child pornographer, how do we solve or disrupt a terrorist plot?”

“What mechanisms do we have available to even do simple things like tax enforcement because if in fact you can’t crack that at all, government can’t get in, then everybody is walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket,”

Encryption has been around for decades, and America has been disrupting terrorist plots (minus the black flags) and apprehending child pornographers at a record pace without the use of encryption backdoors. Is Obie for real? Now he wants access to your offshore accounts as well, and spy on you to get it; regardless of whether you have broken the law or not.

All this comes at a time while Apple and the federal government are in a scorching  battle over Apple refusing to help the FBI access an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists. If you remember the patriot and former NSA operative Edward Snowden referred to the FBI needing Apple to unlock this iPhone as ‘Horse shit

Along with attacking: free speech, citizen firearm ownership, parents right to choose what is good and right for their children, and general good-will between various American groups; the attack on privacy is simply another avenue for Obama and the other US government globalist, puppets to further burn the US Constitution and shred your freedoms.


People of America, please wake up and break free of your globalist trance. Make no mistake of it, the country is directly in harms way. Those of you that are awake, keep up the good fight.

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