Apple, The FBI, and the Abuse of Power

I believe everybody is aware of how the US government is attempting to brow-beat the technology giant Apple into introducing an encryption backdoor into some of, if not all of its technology. In particular, the FBI wants the iPhone data off one of the San Bernardino perpetrators.
The FBI Director James Comey says encryption denies the government the ability to keep the public safe: “But my job is to try to keep people safe,” he wrote, calling for a “robust debate” to resolve the conflict between privacy and security. I really am not a maniac (or at least my family says so). But my job is to try to keep people safe,” (source).

Now, I want you to look closely at these 2 statements issued by the Director of the FBI. Then I want you to look at the FBI publication entitled, “Our Oath of Office: A Solemn Promise“, on the FBI website. You will find in that Oath is, “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States”. What you will not find in that oath are the words security, nor safety. It is NOT Mr. Comey’s job to keep people safe! It IS his job to defend the Constitution of the US. If it were the governments job to keep you safe, they would not have gone to war with the most powerful empire(England) on earth, at the time, to gain our freedom.

Let me just say that unlocking Syed Farook’s iPhone would do little in protecting the US constitution. I will go further out on that limb as to say then entire charade has nothing to do with safety at all. What this is really all about is getting Apple and other device manufacturers to do away with their customers privacy, and provide back-doors into their encrypted devices. IT Is yet another US bureaucratic agency chiseling further away at your freedom. Period. Make no mistake about it; we are at war for our freedom. If you cant see that, you need to get out of the globalist’s trance. Break free of  the paradigm that you need the government to keep you safe; because it is the government itself that makes it unsafe.

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