Feminism: Interview with Mercedes Carrera

Here is and extremely coherent interview between Mercedes Carrera and P.J. Watson on the subject of ‘Feminism’; what it was and what it’s become. The video kicks off with feminist abandonment of real rape victims and ignorance of genuine rape culture. That’s just a warm up though. As the conversation heats up and gets hot (please forgive the pun), the conversation turns to mainstream media highlighting and covering false cases of abuse; regret and stare rape; feminist hypocrisy and double standards; socioeconomics vs race; cultural Marxism as pertaining to race and political-correctness; feminists punishing other women; the victim-hood mentality; shaming; social justice warriors; how peoples feelings trump logic; hijacking of the term “liberal”, and more.

This is truly an impressive interview with a smart, educated young woman.

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