Germany Super Sunday: The People vs Merkel

The people of three states hit German polls today in what could very well be the largest electoral challenge for Chancellor Angela Merkel in front of the general election next year. Last night thousands of protesters chanted the streets “Merkle must go“, expressing extreme dissent over Merkels open-door refugee policy; and for good cause.

The 1000+ women who were sexually harassed by refugees during the Cologne New Years Eve celebration ignited a flare-up across the nation, demanding retribution for the crimes and tighter border control. To this Merkel simply pretended it didn’t matter and attempted a cover-up at the international level. One German Justice Minister even went so far as to suggest the sex assaults were planned.

Amid a refugee rapist epidemic and the pillaging of Germany, the state is prepared to unload a whopping 50 billion Euro as an additional 2.2 million refugees flood it’s streets by the year 2017. All this comes at a time as the Euro is falling against all major currencies of the world.

There are huge changes in democratic countries today which can be seen through unprecedented dissent world-wide. What sane head-of-state would not herar the cries of her/his people and take reasonable action? Common people all over the globe are being squeezed tighter and tighter. Countries raped and pillaged into chaos by globalist elites and their head-of-state puppets like Obama and Merkel. Soon, these very same puppets will be rushing in, stripping free-people far and wide of their freedoms in the form of martial law, all in the name of keeping them safe and secure while bringing about order; to the chaos they themselves created. Benjamin Franklin said, “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security. He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither”; and neither will you have in the globalist, corperatist, new world order.

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