Iconic Athena Tennis-Girl Poster Shreaded

The famous Tennis Girl image was first photographed by Martin Elliott in 1976, featuring 18-year-old Fiona Butler at a Birmingham University tennis court in Edgbaston, England. The photo was first published in 1977 as part of an Athena Silver Jubilee edition of it’s calendar, the same year Virginia Wade won the Wimbledon’s ladies’ single title. Still even today this famous piece of iconic art is available worldwide, and has sold tens of millions of copies across the globe.

However, when Wimbledon tweeted a photograph of the dress worn by the Miss Butler and her racket, alongside the famous image, to promote its Powerful Posters exhibition, third-wave radical feminists went to battle tweeting their castigation with a vengeance, beating their Wimbledon opponents into a whimpering apology. Some feminists even called for the image to actually be eradicated from from history, justifying the “cleansing of cultural art to appease their warped, political dogma.”

This is not the voice of todays liberal women, but the squaller of disenfranchised female outcasts whom have lost their way in todays societies, and have banded together in order to beat the rest of us down to their level of uselessness. I know many strong, powerful, well respected women of all classes, and not one of them take part in the absurd paradigms theseĀ  ugly women adhere to so tightly.

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