Linux VirtualBox Tutorial: Getting VirtualBox Installed on Windows

This is going to be a short series aimed at helping folks to get going on using a Linux guest in VirtualBox with a Windows host.

Here is some material you might consider reading before getting into the process:

What is going to happen here, is you will install VirtualBox for a Windows Host, and the VirtualBox Extension pack on your Windows PC. Just download the appropriate installers, and install them to the default locations on your hard disk. If you have any questions about any part of this, at any time, simply ask them in the comments, and they WILL be addressed.

The VirtualBox download page.

Once this you have these two binaries installed, you will need to decide which distribution of Linux you want to run as a VirtualMachine on your Windows PC. Also you need to decide on which desktop environment you want to use. After deciding what distribution and desktop environment you want learn/use, download the .iso to your desktop.

  • I suggest Linux Mint for desktop PC’s and more modern laptops.
  • MX-15/16 for PC’s supporting older hardware
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition if you intend to use Debian later on, and simply want to lessen the learning curve of Debian.
  • For a desktop environment, I recommend Xfce, but feel free to choose what you prefer.

So up to this point you should have:

  • Read the recommended preface materials listed at the top of the page
  • Downloaded and installed the VirtualBox application program, and the VirtualBox Extension Pack to the default locations on your hard disk.
  • Chosen both a Linux distribution and desktop environment, and downloaded the .iso to your Windows desktop.

This is probably a good place to end this segment. In the next, I’ll be helping you prepare your Linux distribution for loading into VirtualBox. Remember to ask whatever questions you have in the comments, so you can be up to speed for the next segment.

See you there.

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