Merkel Doesn’t Care What You Want

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany and her Democratic Christian Union doesn’t really care what the German citizens want when it comes to migrant ‘refugees’. Merkel’s sentiments made perfectly clear on Monday, just after taking a crushing blow in three German state elections, when she admitted she would stick to her course in Europe’s migrant crisis. This comes at a time when not just two days prior thousands chanted the streets of Berlin “Merkel must go” in dissent over the Chancellors manic policies concerning migrant issues.

You see Merkel knows what the truth about the refugees really is but wont allow the media to tell European folks. However, the German folks are aware of whats going on in Sweden and it’s presence in their own back yard. Well Sweden had the answer that Merkel just cant seem to find.

The western world is in grave danger not directly from the refugees, but from our government leadership.








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