Merkel Must Go

Merkel must go” is the chant on the streets in Berlin march against the Chancellors tyrannical dictate to not only to welcome the refugees, but even after ISIS revealed it had smuggled 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen into western nations hidden among the refugees, the globalist German head of state  invited even more in. “We can do it” she says. Well they did it: the rapes in Cologne during this past new years eve was a single event in an epidemic of a migrant rape-fest, not to mention the pillage and plundering. Yes they ‘did it’ for sure.

Meanwhile, the raping of German women by asylum seekers is becoming commonplace.

In light of violent riots and terror attacks in Paris and mass rapes happening all over europe by Muslim refugees and immigrants, Angela Merkel and the Left in Germany even the center left have done nothing to stop it.

Then finally todays event, organized by a group called “We for Berlin & We for Germany,” focus is to force Merkel and her government to step down.

“Merkel works against her own people. She underestimates the consequences of allowing so many people with such different backgrounds into our country,” one of the protesters told RT’s Peter Oliver.

Angela Merkel has succeeded in turning Germany into Al Raqqah on the Rhine (referring to the ISIS capital).  This is what happens when you elect an East German ex-Stazi intelligence agent to be Chancellor.  She never stopped being a Communist.(source)

Many German folks seem to be fairly well bent out of shape to say the least. Its not just in Germany though, all over Europe we hear the cries of dissent.

It’s the socialist liberal movement everywhere, even in America, the the Globalist elite have have been fomenting their agenda through. Its been infecting us all like a disease for decades, and the time is nigh ripe. The gloves are coming off, and the western puppets have about as much power now then they have aver had, and most likely wont have again for quite some time. On the flip side, regular folks like you and me are stirred up like an angry hornets nest and our numbers grow daily. Yes, the time is right for the ‘order out of chaos’ new world government to rush right in and save us all.

It’s time now folks, we are in the end-game. It’s time to unite as a single force with a common aim. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what you believe in; we are all people suffering the same malady. Together we can come up with the cure. For united we stand, divided we fall.

I’ve made a similar post concerning the revolution beginning in America; it’s not just in Germany and the rest of Europe. Many of you will think I’m a lunatic, I’ve heard it for years. It’s okay. Many more people are waking from their globalist trance every day. Become anonymous, become part of the legion; do not forgive the elites for what they are doing; and never forget what they have done. Let them expect us fully united as one.

I leave you now with an Anonymous calling for global unity.

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