One Black Woman: A Social Justice Zombie

You have seen me write about other creeds of social justice wackos being little more than socially engineered indoctrinated zealots, in the form of third-wave feminism. Today, I have to show you a most pristine image of a black, female, social justice zombie.

Please pay attention to how she simply doesn’t make any sense, but how she is exactly what she claims white people to be — racist. Her poor attempt at regurgitating what her elite programmers slip into her cool-aid on a daily basis, just goes to show the dementing result social engineering can have on a weak and highly suggestive mind. It’s happening all over the world today, and does not discern racial, or gender boundaries.

Also notice how at the end of the video, she simply tells you outright, that if you disagree with her, she will be deleting your comments. Censorship is the hallmark of a social justice warriors. This is the perfect example of a social justice zombie:


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