Orlando Massacre PsyOP: Continued

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There is some pretty compelling discussion going on in this video. If you saw the post, Orlando Massacre: False Flag PsyOp, then you have already been introduced to the G4S and crisis actor material. This video has further support.

You will see references to crisis actors Facebook pages, as well as a disseminated interview with a ‘victims’ mother; references to an amendment to H.R. 4310, a bill that authorizes the use of media production to propagandize the American public; some information about Mateen being on the Terrorists Watch list and his relationship with the FBI; Statements from the Orlando PD with reference to Mateen’s fire arm purchases; comments about DHS relocating illegal aliens and injured ‘victims’ being moved into the trauma scene rather than away; and more.

There are references to various ‘codes’. While I do not fully believe in all this code business, I do find the coincidences they represent quite curious and worth consideration.

Overall this is a pretty good video further expounding on the Orlando killings as a PsyOp.

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