Overthrowing Assad; US Involvement and Hypocrisy: Why?

Obama has made it clear from the start, “Assad must go“; why? What lengths will the US and other western government involvements go to in order to achieve Assad’s overthrow? What is so important about Syria, that the entire world is up-heaved? Lets try to lay it out as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Should either NATO or the EU ever decide they need to make a military move against Russia, for whatever reason, the west needs to become independent of Russian energy. In order to derail this Russian leverage, the strategy is to pipe the largest natural gas reserves from the North Dome which lies under the Persian Gulf and for which both Qatar and Iran hold shares in, through Syria and into Europe. So to be clear, the projected pipeline would run from the North Dome via Qatar; through Saudi Arabia; then Syria; Turkey, and finally into Europe.  President Assad does not consider this concept in the Syrian best interests, and since the entire pipeline project relies on Syria, we have a regional conflict. Is there any doubt as to why and whom the major Middle Eastern players fighting Assad in Syria. ISIS, the Free Syrian Army(FSA), (and their related factions), are supported by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan, as well as NATO and other western powers, and are all involved in ‘Assad must go’.

All that being said, where exactly did ISIS come from, and how did they come to the power and position they are in today; plaguing Syria, Iraq, and virtually the rest of the world? This 12- minute, Ben Swann video entitled “Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS”, documents who ISIS is and where they came from. The major outline being:

  • the power vacuum created as a result of the US war in Iraq
  • ISIS starting as a tiny, broke, rag-tag insurgent group inide Iraq
  • ISIS growth to power timeline
  • An FSA(Syrian rebels), General begging the world for weapons to fight Assad
  • Swanns personal interview with Obama concerning why the US was covertly funding the Syrian rebels
  • Senator John McCains advocacy to support the rebels
  • America, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and Israel provide money, weapons, and training to Syrian rebels
  • CIA funded weapons flowing to the Syrian Rebels
  • Those weapons move from FSA hands to ISIS; knowingly
  • Free Syrian army joins ISIS
  • ISIS (including the FSA by now), move into Iraq capturing Mosul and other strategic areas
  • ISIS grows so fast due to seized American military equipment which America was aware of
  • The US and the media turns ISIS into the new focus of the war on terror

All through this documetary leads to questions such as :

  • What is the motive as to the creation of ISIS
  • Why the US is sending $500M to the FSA when the FSA is the largest supporter of ISIS?
  • Why is the US sending more and more equipment, such as anti-aircraft missiles to the FSA when they know it will wind up in the hands of ISIS?

The answers to all these questions lie in the paragraphs above. You really need to watch the videos.


Now after reading this post, and watching those videos, how is it possible that a US House panel wants to try Assad, Russia, and Iran for ‘war crimes’ in Syria?

The US House Foreign Affairs Committee has passed a resolution accusing the Syrian government, Russia and Iran of war crimes and calling for an international tribunal on Syria. The move comes amid a breakthrough US-Russia deal on a Syrian ceasefire.

Honestly my jaw literally dropped when I saw the hypocrisy of this headline. This is well beyond calling the kettle black! This message was reported to the world by RT and its millions of readers. It’s sad for me to say that I am completely ashamed to be an American after reading this article, as all Americans should be. This is not a true representation of what the American people stand for in the slightest.

In order for at some time in the future to allow the west and other NATO nations to take military action against Russia, the energy stranglehold that Russia has over Europe must be de-levered. The current view is to build a new natural gas pipeline from the North Dome reservoir through Syria and into Europe. Syrian interest aligns with that of Russia and Iran, thus Assad’s refusal for any proposed pipeline. In this light you can see why Obama says ‘Assad must go’, and it becomes so very clear as to why the United States and its allies would create ISIS. All of this truth, yet why will you never see or hear any of it in the mainstream media. You will never hear of it because the mainstream media is simply, if you have not learned by now, controlled by even larger powers than the United States, Europe, or any nation, (see the final video below). Ask yourself the question, “Why is it so important that any of the mentioned nations in this post, would need to take military action against Russia”; an even larger, more complex strategy. The answer to that question my friends, is for another time.

I leave you now with a closing video of Russian President Putin who will eludes to the ‘even larger powers than the United States’ concerning the ‘Syrian’ situation. It is a global power that many people refer to as the New World Order. I am convinced that before the theater in Syria and the Middle East has come to an close, the world again will be at war.


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