Prepping and crypto currency (Yes really)

Let’s talk about two of my favorite subjects together. Prepping and crypto currency. You may have never heard of the two together, but they are in my opinion, the perfect pair.

Think about it for a moment. Prepping is getting ready in the event of a disaster however be it. Well what about financial disaster. Economic crashes, freezing banking systems, intentional or otherwise. Well one of the idea of crypto decentralization. Plus, if things are backed up things properly you can enjoy more security than leaving your “money” in the bank who can freeze or cease it any time without warning, rhyme or reason.

Another scenario is if the US economy goes under, what do you think will happen to the likes of bitcoin, litecoin or some of the other alt-coins? They are not completely beholden to the USD dollar. Nor to the Federal Reserve and the fact that they haven’t been able to stop it (nor will they be able to) shows the power it has. Sure, they can ban it, but the Dark Web and sites like Silk Road have shown how effective that really is.

Let’s say that the whole central banking system “goes down”. Every bank freezes to try and address the “issue” and says that they’ll have things resolved soon. The natural distrust of the government part of your brain tells you something is very wrong. Well, next thing you now, unable to use any money that isn’t in physical form (and who really has cash anymore) sparks unrest and chaos breaks out. Things will get ugly, but this could be where crypto comes in to pull things back. Decentralized means that it is for and by the people. Sound familiar?

Of course, it isn’t 100% fool proof, but it is so much better than our lovely fiat currency that we currently have that isn’t real, and isn’t even ours to begin with. But that is another story for another time.

Just keep this in mind. Prepping doesn’t always mean going up into the mountains or deep into the sparsely populated plains of the country side to never see society again at the first sign of collapse. There are those kinds of people too. But remember, there are many things for which one can prepare. The best rule is to find the most likely situation you can find yourself in do what you can then move down the list. And crypto currency is just another way to prepare for an uncertain future. Who knows I might even talk about a few in the future. Have fun!

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