Prepping: What is it really?

Prepping has far too often been equated to dooms day scenarios and the like. Although this can be true, prepping goes far beyond this scope of vision. Let’s look at something one might not consider prepping but with generations like the Millennial Generation (of which I happen to fall into) and Generation Z is an increasing lacking skill. Cooking. Can you cook without a microwave? Can you measure without measuring cups? If the power goes out and your stove/oven is electric, do you have a camper stove with some gas stashed somewhere for such an occasion?

Do you see where we’re going with this? In this technologically advanced world of ours, we have reduced the load of work we need to do to survive which has freed more time to do more advanced (and often more entertaining) ventures. It hasn’t come without its drawbacks though. In this advance society, we have forgotten or never picked up the basic skills that got our parents, grandparents etc. to this point in time.

So, before you think prepping is only for those looking to move off grid to the back mountains of Montana, ask yourself this question. “If the power goes out for just 24 hours, what would I need to make it through and not be so uncomfortable.” This kind of simple question once asked, could make and in certain situations even break a person. Who knows, maybe you are already preparing and don’t even know it! I won’t give any tips here in this post but let’s end with this scenario to think about.

You live in Fresno California close to the downtown area and the power goes out at 2pm in October. It is now 7pm and after a call to the power company you find several transformers blew out in sequence and power is only likely to be restored the next day. So just one-night without power in a good part of the city. No big deal, right? Until the local news decided the cover it. Which becomes a clarion call for some local gangs in the area for a night of looting. How would you prepare for such a case as this?

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  1. Dear Lou Ron,
    Great articles on your blog, realistic and thought provoking, if not to mention educative. I am glad I subscribed to your blog. Got your blog adress from a wonderful review you once posted on Barnes & Noble website about my book, Traitors From Inside out.
    I write to ask your permission to use your review and name, Lou Ron, on the new book cover of Traitors From Inside Out. My many thanks in advance. Author M.M Justine

    • I have not heard from you in ssooo long and am very glad to see this message!
      I have been patiently waiting part 3 of your trilogy!
      Of course you can use the review and the name LouRon; it’s my pleasure 🙂

      • Oh, you are so kind. Thank you so much. I re-edited Traitors from Inside Out to remove mistakes and typos and I tightened the plot too. I changed the book cover to match it with the other two book covers indictative of a trilogy. Your review will grace the new back cover of Book One. I am currently changing the cover for Book 2 as well, and I added a chapter since my readers complained that the book ended badly. All this has taken time away from the third book. However, the first draft is ready and done, and I started revising and polishing last month. Should be ready early next year. I will keep you updated. Once again, thank you so much for your support. Take care.

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