Project Blue Beam: What is It?

It’s important to keep an open mind as you read this writing, and understand that many conspiracy theories of the past are now considered facts.

Four institutions: political, economic, educational, and ecclesiastical, direct much of the globe’s population. If an entity could monopolize these four fundamental properties of society, then they could conceivably dominate the world. Elite, globalist powers control an arsenal of weapons designed to manipulate and recreate these four institutions to move forward their desired agenda, a new world order; befitting the out of chaos comes order model. Project Blue Beam is one of many weapons of the global elite.

Blue Beam is the infamous NASA project designed to corrupt the worlds current religions, and implement a new-age religion with Antichrist as ecclesiastic leader. Success of the new world order will be impossible without universal belief in the new-age religion system, and thus has been well concealed, until now.

Project Blue Beam consists of four distinct and separate aspects. By breaking down of all archaeological knowledge;  implementing optical holographic and auditory messages; electronic telepathy; and electronic supernatural manifestations, all of humanity is coerced into indoctrination.


Artificially created earthquakes will appear at specific areas of the world where science and archaeology have indicated that arcane mysteries lie deeply concealed beneath the earths surface. These earthquakes make it possible for the ‘rediscovery’ of said arcane mysteries, and used to reproach current fundamental religious doctrines, proving to all cultures their religious teachings have been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

Specialized software currently residing on satellites , coordinated by supercomputers, will project multiple animated holographic images accompanied by acoustic wave-forms in the sky to different regions of the planet, specified by national and regional religious belief. These convincing illusions, appearing from deep space, will amaze adherents of various religions and sacred movements to see the return of their respective ‘messiahs’. All of the worlds ‘messiahs’, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and the rest will evolve into one being, the Antichrist, after carefully designed mysteries have been disclosed and explained contradicting various scriptures. The message being that old religions are responsible for the worlds calamities and must be abrogated, making way for the new-age new world religion represented by the one god, Antichrist.

Convincing ELF, VLF, and LF frequency waves will reach the mind of every person, telepathically convincing them that their respective deity is speaking to them, from the depths of their inner being. Satellites, being nursed from very powerful computers storing immense data of all people and their languages, will emit frequencies which interlace natural thought to structure diffused artificial thought.

“If it is possible to feed artificial thought into the multigenic field via satellite, the mind control of the entire planet is now possible. An individual’s only resistance would be to constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts and not act upon thoughts which they consider to be outside their own ideological, religious and moral boundaries.” (Lt. Col. John B. Alexander; the Military Review) [emphasis mine]

The fourth and final aspect concerns the universal supernatural manifestation with electronic means from three different perspectives.

  1.  The aim to create the belief that an alien invasion is about to occur at metropolitan cities globally, provoking each nation-state into nuclear retaliation. The UN will stage the invasion, then it’s courts will require all nations participating in the retaliatory strike to cease, after the invasion has proved to be false.
  2. Make Christians, (those whom believe in a pre-tribulation rapture), that a rapture is taking place as divine intervention, rescuing them from the arrival of Lucifer. Within hours of the holographic sky-drama, all significant opposition to executing the New World Order will be done away with.
  3. Prior to the sky-show, illusionary satanic spirits and entities are projected globally, (using all the previously mentioned wave forms), via phone lines, coaxial cable, and fiber optic lines, to every manageable appliance, causing global chaos. Mass hysteria, murder, and suicide will run rampant in the streets resulting from damaged psyches. After a night of this chaos, people across the globe will be more than ready to accept the new ‘messiah’ (Antichrist), to establish peace and order, even at the cost of their own freedoms. From chaos, comes order.

By using the four aspects listed above, NASA’s infamous project Blue Beam will enable a rapacious attack on the minds of the worlds people, causing fear and chaos by means of phantom specters of an evil invasion.  With world wide bedlam at hand, it will use man-made holographic projections from space, forming grand illusions which portray fake ‘messiahs’, to whisk unwary religious adherents to safety and to corrupt present-day faiths. Some of the worlds greatest technologies are being used by power-hungry global elites, in order to corrupt world religions  and to dispel ecclesiastic institutions as they are, so as to bring about the one world religion of the New World Order; fulfilling the globalist paradigm, from chaos, into order.

Below you will find the video that prompted me to write this article. The content described in this production are to occur tomorrow. It’s disturbing to me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it made me immediately think of project Blue Beam, and secondly because the message is given by a woman claiming to be from the Anonymous organization. Never have I heard Anonymous advocate anything like this.



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  1. If you are giving this to the people to start the panic early , you may have succeeded with some. IF this is a lie then there will be entities coming for you.

  2. I hope nobody panics Jo. I’m sure it won’t happen, at least tomorrow. Entities will be coming for everyone sooner or later, I may as well be ready.

  3. I besides think so, perfectly indited post!

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