ProtonMail: Encrypted Email Made Simple

If you read the 2017 Intelligence Authorization Act then you know the FBI will soon be legally reading anyone’s emails, without the disintegrating protection of the Fourth Amendment, or the issuance of a warrant. They will do this using clandestine global surveillance systems such as PRISM.

Governments and corporations across the globe are cooperating to bring in a new world surveillance state which will penetrate every orifice of your existence. The time has come for every citizen world-wide to get used to securing their own privacy over the internet. The law will not offer you the expectation of privacy any longer as globalists strengthen their agenda.

One such way to empower your God-given right to privacy is to employ encryption; in particular email encryption.

Email encryption not only tightens the hold on your privacy, but frustrates law enforcement by making it magnitudes harder to read your email. If every person encrypted their email, governments would have to severely curtail their email surveillance, since they will not have the resources to spy on all emails, but rather only the easiest to intercept and read (those that don’t encrypt).

You may think you have nothing to hide, but what about your recipients? It’s not about hiding, it’s about your government watching you night and day.

That being said, if you have seen the Edward Snowden step-by-step video-tutorial, and decided for whatever reason you do not want to use a local email program, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, and would rather use a web-driven email, like Gmail, then Proton Mail be be just what you need.

ProtonMail, an easy to use secure email service with built-in end-to-end encryption and state of the art security features, has the goal to build an internet that respects privacy and is secure against cyberattacks.

ProtonMail combines deep mathematical and technical knowledge from the world’s top research institutions with expertise in building easy to use user interfaces. Together, they are building the encrypted communication technologies of the future.

ProtonMail employs open-source cryptography. All messages are stored on ProtonMail servers in encrypted format. They are also transmitted in encrypted format between our servers and user devices. Messages between ProtonMail users are also transmitted in encrypted form within our secure server network. Because data is encrypted at all steps, the risk of message interception is largely eliminated. This is what is known as end-to-end encryption.

ProtonMail’s segregated authentication and decryption system means logging into a ProtonMail private email account requires two passwords. The first password is used to verify the identity of the user. After that, encrypted data can be retrieved. The second password is a decryption password which is never sent to them. It is used to decrypt data on your device so they do not have access to the decrypted data, or the decryption password. This means they cannot hand over your data to third parties. For this reason, they are also unable to do decryption password recovery. If you forget your decryption password, they cannot recover your data.

It really doesn’t get any easier that this folks. If you can’t handle something like ProtonMail, you’re going to be left out in the cold, and one of the few the government will have access to via email. Just think of how many headaches Hillary Clinton could have avoided had she employed email encryption.

If you think you can handle ProtonMail, click here to check out the Protonmail website, and to set up your account. You have everything to hide. Ensure your own privacy, it’s your own responsibility these days, not a right.

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