The Luculent Report: Sept 12

Can there be anything funny about nearly 3,000 people dying in a multi-pronged attack on the United States involving jets flying into buildings and a plane crashing in Pennsylvania?

Read about it at The Global Post

The dynamics of the events is huge. The world flew into a new zone of turbulence. August really became the hottest month in the last three/four years. The so-called clock of “Judgement Day,” or the minutes and hours which separate us from a nuclear Armageddon points at “three to twelve.” There hasn’t been anything like this since the Caribbean crisis, but at that time there was no such clock. Read about it at SouthFront

Since March, Fayez Sarraj has been the prime minister of Libya, a country torn by civil war. Now he is tasked with surmounting the country’s political divisions and leading the fight against the Islamic State and a network of human-traffickers transporting tens of thousands of migrants to Europe. Read about it at Spiegel

Step into Karachi’s largest slum. Take a virtual tour of Machar Colony where around 1 million people reside without basic amenities. Have a look at The Express Tribune

The fate of Africa’s elephants may be decided before the weekend is out. Members of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress, happening this week in Honolulu, will decide on Motion 7, whichwould call on the IUCN to encourage governments to shut down the ivory trade — and provide help in doing so. Read about it at ScienceNews

With Obama ready to leave office with the intent of taking on the Secretary General position in the UN, Cameron leaving parliament in the UK, and the apparent demise of Merkle as Chancellor of Germany, are the globalists preparing another move? Do the powers that be have new orders for their states-people puppet-generals? Obama; Cameron; Merkle

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