The Luculent Report: Sept 13

Facebook is the most used social media platform around the world with 1.65 billion users and that’s what makes it a lucrative target for crooks, hackers and online scammers. Today, HackRead got to know about a dangerous scam spreading on Facebook like wildfire, thanks to Assaf Megidash for the alert. Read more at Hackread.


While United Nations’ human rights experts stress that Solomon Islands must do more to protect women from violence and provide victims of gender inequality access to justice, a new weekly publication devoted to women’s issues — Solomons Women Newspaper — is making sure that women are given voice and their contribution to social, economic, and religious development gets the attention it deserves. Read more at AnonHQ.


To your left, a fork and a wineglass. To your right, a pipe for your pot.

The pipe, with lighter and ashtray, are yours to keep at the end of a meal catered by Cultivating Spirits, which pairs dishes with wines and—it promises—just the right kind of cannabis. Read about it at Bloomberg.


The annual hajj pilgrimage will peak in Saudi Arabia beginning this weekend, between Sept. 9 and Sept. 14. Approximately 1.5 million pilgrims from 180 countries will convene in the city of Mecca to visit centuries-old monuments such as the Kaba to conduct group and individual rituals in what is for most a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Mandatory for those who can afford it, the hajj is something for which many pilgrims have saved and waited years. More at Stratfor.


Clinton’s physical condition is not the biggest campaign problem. The president needs to stay on one side of issues for some length of time and she hasn’t been able to do that, says former Libertarian candidate for the US Senate Arvin Vohra. Read the full story ar RT.



Angela Merkel used to be celebrated for her composed determination and sober analysis of the facts. Now, though, her refusal to own up to her mistakes makes her look stubborn — and facts have lost their importance.


The Linux Plasma phone is developed by one of the most reputable and longest-standing software development organizations in the world. Vendors and users alike can look forward to a rapidly maturing software system developed with an open life cycle and no conflicts of interest. Check it out at Plasma Mobile.

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