The Luculent Report: Sept 17

The new leaks show that Obama operated a “pay to play” scheme for ambassadorships and other positions and also imply that Hillary has a life-threatening condition called sinus thrombosis, helped create ISIS, and was responsible for the death of Americans in Benghazi. AnonHQ


“Selling $1.15 billion (£870 million) in tanks, guns, ammunition, and more to a country with a poor human rights record embroiled in a bitter war is a recipe for disaster and an escalation of an ongoing arms race in the region,” Republicans Rand Paul said earlier this week. RT


The second thing that sets the US media apart is that unlike every other advanced country in the world, America does not have a publicly-owned broadcaster provided with the resources – the budgets – to actually compete with privately-owned media outlets. So broadcasting in the US is almost entirely corporate-controlled. Al Jazeera


Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking revenge on and respect from the United States via the recent spate of embarrassing thefts and leaks of critical data by Russian hackers, experts there and in the U.S. say. NewsMax


Operation Euphrates Shield has been a headache for the US from the moment Turkey first sent its tanks into Syria in late August. Global Post



“After going through all the work of evolving powerful toxins, over time, some snakes have dispensed with them,” says study coauthor Sean B. Carroll, an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute who is at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. These modern rattlesnakes produce smaller sets of toxins that might be more specialized to their prey. Science News


“Anyway, Iranians cannot use one if they finally make one,” Powell wrote to Leeds on March 3, 2015, regarding the ongoing talks about Tehran’s nuclear program. “The boys in Tehran know Israel has 200, all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands. As [Iranian President Mahmoudin Ahmedinejad said], ‘What would we do with one, polish it?’ I have spoken publicly about both [North Korea] and Iran. We will blow up the only thing they care about – regime survival. Where, how would they even test one?” Southfront

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