Thor’s Well: A short History

Thor’s Well is a salt water fountain, directed by the oceanic tide along the coast of Cape Perpetua. Located about 2 miles south of Yachts, Oregon, this spectacular slice of nature spouts water into the air to varying degrees, based upon tidal and wave heights, and size and force of the swells.

The cape was named by Captain James Cook on March 7, 1778, as he searched for the Pacific entrance to a Northwest Passage. Cook named the cape Perpetua because it was sighted on St. Perpetua’s Day.

For at least the last 6000 years, Native Americans hunted a fished for clams, mussels, crabs, and sea urchins along the coast near here. Evidence of their lives can still be found in the huge piles of discarded mussel shells that lie along the shore near the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center.

In 2008, this area became a section of the Siuslaw National Forest.


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