Top 10 Anonymous Triumphs

Here is the latest release from Anonymous Official:

Originating in 2003, what began as a relatively small vigilante cyber group has expanded and transformed into a continuation of the Civil-Rights movement. Today, thanks to our current technology, the Civil-Rights movement has spread to the internet and across the globe. As well as addressing longstanding issues, the challenges faced have now grown to encompass the people of all nations. Here are 10 Anonymous Triumphs

In reverse order:

  • Hal Turner Raid
  • Chris Forcand arrest
  • Project Chanology
  • The Iranian election protests
  • #OpDarknet
  • #OpRussia
  • The Judge Rottenberg case
  • The Steubenville rape case
  • #OpCharlieHebdo
  • #OpIsis

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