US Navy Wants to Chip and Track Everyone

The US Navy has been holding meetings with the ‘tranhumanist’ presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan, to discuss implanting controversial microchips into every single American citizen. This chip would not only enhance a persons mind and physical abilities, but would also include GPS technology to track your every move.

The Sun reports having seen correspondence between Istvan an US Navy Vice Admiral James Wisecup,who has retired from full time service to work in a Navy department called the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group.

In his letter, Vice Admiral Wisecup said the meeting broadened:

 our understanding… of the merger of humans and machines.

Your personal perspectives were interesting and timely as we begin our research process,

You have had a direct impact on our viewpoints for future concepts. (source)

Istvan believes human life could be enhanced if we all agree to have computers or chips fitted to our bodies and brains.

I don’t know about you, but this seems to me like another surveillance avenue for the federal government to spy on and track your every single movement. Further, I do not understand the US governments obsession with merging flesh with machine. I suppose if you were a machine, you wouldn’t care about being spied upon. If the US government has its way, it will not only be spying on your every move, but also have the ability to control them; that’s what machines are – controlled.

Would microchips free us from fear… or destroy our freedom

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