[Video Tutorial] How to download YouTube Videos in Linux Mint, With the Complete YouTube Saver Firefox add-on

Sooner or later many folks want to make authorized downloads of YouTube Videos for whatever reason. Today I’m going to show you how to download YouTube videos, using the Complete YouTube Saver add-on for Mozilla Firefox, in Linux Mint.

First you need to install FFMPEG from the default Mint repositories:

  • Go ahead and open a terminal and type:
  • <sudo apt-get install ffmpeg>
  • Select yes to finish the install, and your done with that.

Now to install the complete YouTube saver plug-in in Firefox:

  • Browse to the add-on website, and click on add to Firefox; and you’re done

Now after the software is installed, you need to set the directory location of FFMPEG in the plug-in preferences. Be sure to only select the directory, not the FFMPEG file itself:

  • Open the Complete YouTube Downloader plug-in preferences, and click the FFMPEG tab, then select browse. The default location for FFMPEG is in the usr/bin directory
  • Browse there, select the directory and click open.

That being done, you can close the preferences window. The Complete YouTube Saver should be ready to work for you. Simply browse to a YouTube video you want to download, and click on the pulldown menu next to the arrow to the left of the browser address bar to make your selection. Then click save, to save the video to the default location.

That’s all there is to it.Here is a video showing the entire process from beginning to end. Enjoy!

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