Weeding out Sheeple in America

According to a Morning Consultant tracking poll of 2000 people, ~25% said they would either be very likely or somewhat likely move to another country like Canada, if Donald Trump were to be elected the next president of the United States. In my opinion, this would be great! It would mean the truth movement as a whole wouldn’t have to work so darn hard at breaking those Americans out of their firmly entrenched globalist trances, and America could move more in the direction of  the greatness it once enjoyed.

It should be more than clear to anybody who has a clue to US politics, that the republican elite are going to a no-holds-barred effort to oust Trump. In fact, they are quite willing to risk the party itself in doing so. The republican elite are not alone in this either, the entire US elite class hate Trump. To get to the heart of the matter, all the countries elite establishment are concerting there efforts to oust Trump; everyone that is except for the majority of the common every-day folk of America. Many of the regular people have broken free of their globalist trances, and are ready to take on the establishment and its NWO agenda; this is what Trump is offering them. Common citizens are actively taking on the battle of the globalist agenda, (all exept the sheeple that plan to move if Trump is elected), and Trump is showing that he will lead them.

So I say good riddance to the weak minded sheeple that can’t think for themselves, and adhere to the force-fed propaganda of mainstream media. The US needs free-thinking people with the strength of will that our forefathers built this once great nation out of. Of any candidate Trump has both; the other candidates will only entrench you deeper into the globalist quagmire.

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