Woman has Joyful Experience Abortion

The choices we make flow through society on ripples of cause and effect. How do you feel when another persons choices slam into you and how does it effect society when another ‘flexes their rights’.

The following is the account of Kristin V. Brown, a recent college graduate, whom felt empowered after having an abortion that was “a totally joyful experience”. It’s an example of how extreme the left-wing paradigm that a woman’s rights transcend all. I personally believe that Ms. Browns account is appalling. However, I don’t hold her fully to blame, as she in my humble opinion, has been conditioned as such.

Cutting to the chase of this unsavory account, Karin dated a guy she met at OKCupid for a few weeks, until he bought a house and a puppy. When making it clear that he was rapidly heading toward settling down, she decided they should part ways. However, that was not the end of it. A few weeks later, on a lonely Friday night, Ms. Brown decided to give him a ring for a dinner date. She got dunk, and unprotected had sex with the OKCupid guy.

The next day, I made an appointment for an STD test, blocked his number, unfriended him on Facebook, and sincerely hoped to never see him again.

Karin made an appointment with the infamous Planned Parenthood, had her abortion, then “suddenly, everything was fine again”.

I felt a deep sense of freedom, knowing that my only responsibility was to myself. I was overcome with gratitude and optimism and a new-found sense of control. I felt awesome.

Disregarding any stance on abortion, I find it more than a little disturbing that any person, should feel awesome and empowered, believing that their sole responsibility in the world is themselves. In some ways it seems dangerous to me.

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