Zika Virus: A US Made Bio-Weapon

If you read the post entitled ‘Zika, Monsanto, Government: Culling the Human Race‘, than you know something is definitely fishy concerning all the attention surrounding the Yellow Fever mosquito, the Zika Virus, and the congenital malformation microcephaly in infants.

In an interview with David Knight of infowars.com, (full video interview below),  Dr. Francis Boyle comments his conclusion concerning the Zika virus as, ” The genetically engineered bio-warfare agent that was inserted into these mosquitoes”.

The Zika virus has been declared a global health emergency, but residents of Uganda, where the virus was first discovered nearly 70 years ago, are showing no signs of infection. Local scientists are trying to understand why. (source)

It seems as a bit more than curious, that residents in the surrounding area of the Zika Forest in Uganda, are completely free of any of the brain malformations the 6500+ babies in Brazil are suffering. This goes beyond the question of how the African mosquitoes got to South America in the first place.

So we have not only the genetically engineered disease itself, but genetically modified mosquitoes as the transmission agent as well. I don’t know about you, but it certainly smacks of biological weaponry to me.

In January of 2016, according to CNN, The World Health Organization anticipates that the Zika virus will spread to all but two countries in South, Central and North America. The official home page of the United States Army reports the DOD is adding $1.76 million in funds to enhance the surveillance of the Zika by military labs.

Again I’ll as ask, as I did in the original article, are governments trying to use the genetically modified Yellow Fever mosquito to spread the genetically engineered microcephaly malformation disease to depopulate parts of the world, and why all the attention to North America? This day and age, I don’t find it hard to believe.

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